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     Dear darlings, I am an ABDL Mommy Jackie. I am an ABDL Mommy that loves what I do. It is my true passion, and I live this lifestyle every day. In the ABDL lifestyle, I enjoy a mixture of being a nurturer and a disciplinarian. I have extensive experience roleplaying with adult baby diaper lovers. Firstly, every adult baby diaper lover has their disposition, which varies how I interact with them in their everyday lives. Adult babies need to be explored for me to discover what makes them tick. For exploration to happen, an ABDL needs to be open to communicating secret things that lay deep beneath the surface. Distinct and concise communication is crucial in the relationship between an ABDL mommy and an ABDL baby. Sharing with me will help me to understand your deepest desires, wants, and needs. When there is open communication that flows naturally between a dominant and a submissive, guidelines will be apparent, thus avoiding any confusion. Once a submissive understands what I have communicated with him or her regarding what I want them to do, things will be much easier when both exciting and sexy when we decide to engage in hot roleplay. Knowing what you like will determine if you want a mommy to be strict or lenient or a little bit of both. I am a mommy who is a mixture of a little bit of aggression, and I can also be compassionate. Do you enjoy cuddling, or do you prefer spanking? Do you like to be humiliated, or does that turn you off? Your disposition can help establish what types of dynamics please you.

Your personality will indicate what type of roleplay you are most comfortable with. I can play multiple roles, and I get the necessary joy and satisfaction out of them both. I can play the role of being a loving, compassionate, and considerate dominant. When I play this comforting role, I enjoy giving my adult baby diaper lover compliments and love names. I will tell my ABDL that he or she looks nice and cute in her diaper or if they are a sissy, I will compliment their pretty dress and lovely makeup. I provide lots of affection, and sexually, I am the one that decides what we will do when we engage in roleplay. But I am open to hearing the things that turn on my submissive, and I find a compromise to include those fantasies into our role play. I can be a sexual guide and mentor, which many adult baby diaper lovers need to feel whole and function to their utmost in society. I am also an encouraging mommy who will be your mentor to watch you improve. I have experience with adult babies who were overweight and needed to be disciplined to change their eating habits, and I was able to help with that. If a submissive did not drink enough water before meeting me and needed encouragement, I would help. If you are told to drink water, you must follow my instructions and do so. Some of my adult babies live in homes with treadmills that accumulate dust and are not motivated to use them. I dictate the number of miles or minutes that I want my ABDL baby to do, and he or she will get it done. Often, adult babies need a push to do what they need to do, but they can’t seem to get it done on their own accord and need help; this is where having a mommy is a must. You won’t always have the answers to questions in life, and sometimes you are unsure about something.

It would be best if you had reassurance or a second opinion, and that is where I will come into the picture as a powerful force in your life that will assist you along your way. I have also motivated overweight adult babies to walk more and take the stairs instead of the elevator and also worked with those who had phobias. One of my adult babies was deathly afraid of dentists, and he had not seen one since he was a toddler. The fear of going to the dentist caused him much anxiety, depression, and stress. I was able to work with him with this fear, and with my command, I was able to make him visit a dentist in over 20 years. I am a mommy that loves being spoiled and pampered with lots of love and tenderness. Little tokens of your appreciation of me will make me feel idolized and cherished. If I am content, this would also make it better for you. You can worship me in various ways; one of my favorite ways of being worshipped is having you treat my feet! I enjoy commanding you to please my feet correctly according to my preference. I want you to kiss my feet, lick my feet, suck my toes, and paint my toenails. And as a reward, I will place my foot on your face when you lay at my feet. My feet will rest comfortably on your cock meat. Your crotch is the other preferred place that I like to relax my feet. Having the ball of my feet and toes gleefully rest on your crotch and linger there continuously is what I want to do. If you would like to use the bathroom while my feet are there, you will have to wait for a convenient time to move my feet. I will not shorten the time I need to relax at your expense because you are the submissive, and I am dominant. Remember and don’t ever forget that I am on the priority list that needs to be attended to. When mommy Jackie is incredibly happy, then everyone will be satisfied. I am the one that will determine the atmosphere that my ABDL baby and I will play in, and whatever I decide will be the ideal scenery for our roleplay.

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