If your a New Customer and never called our service before, we have a Deal for you!

Buy 5 minutes for ONLY $10


We have a new special called UPSELL Mommy specials.
The only way you can get these specials are to say UPSELL and the
special when calling. They are the best specials so far so don’t miss out!

UPSELL15 = 15 minutes for 29.99

UPSELL20 = 20 minutes for 35.00

UPSELL25 = 25 minutes for 39.99

UPSELL30 = 30 minutes for 49.99

UPSELL35 = 35 minutes for 59.99

UPSELL40 = 40 minutes for 69.99

UPSELL45 = 45 minutes for 79.99

UPSELL50 = 50 minutes for 89.99

UPSELL55 = 55 minutes for 99.99

UPSELL60 = 60 minutes for 109.99

UPSELL65 = 65 minutes for 119.99

UPSELL70 = 70 minutes for 129.99

Buy a 30 minute 2 Mommy call for $99.00

Custom Recorded Stories

We now offer personalized stories just for you! Their read and recorded by a mommy of your choice then delivered right to you! You can make suggestions and tell them exactly what you want. All this for only $39.95 per 10 minute story!!! Call 1-888-430-2010 to place your orders now! .

I Love Diaper" Special

Join us thru April 1st through December 1st and get any calls over 15min for only $1.89 per minute. In order to be apart to this wonderful special, simply proclaim your love for diapers to our mommy Dispatchers when you call! I LOVE DIAPERS!!!!

Special Rates

Buy 15 minutes and get a 3 minutes free (save $5.97)

Buy 30 minutes and get a 5 minutes free (save $9.95!)

Get a 30 minute 2 girl call for just 99.95 (save over $10.00!)

Buy 45 minutes and get 10 free minutes!!! (save over $20.00!)

Get an hour long call for just $99.95 (save over $20.00!)

*All minutes must be used on one call We do not give refunds for unused minutes*



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