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    I am Vanessa, and I am a Mommy who is a hottie with a fantastic body. My tits are a work of art, and they are to be admired. I have two perfect fleshy orbs with the prettiest nipples in the center, a tiny waist, perfect hips, great ass, and an amazing pussy. My legs are smooth as silk and soft to the touch. I enjoy walking around utterly naked around you, and you are going to give me all the attention that I need. The only reason that my skin is soft, silky, smooth, and toned, is because I commit to my duty to take care of my body. I like to invest in myself before I invest in anyone else. I drink a ton of water, eat healthily and exercise to maintain what I already have. Adult baby diaper lovers are the perfect babies for me. I could care less about having kids and messing up my body, so ABDLs are the ideal choice for me. Because I am a high-maintenance Mommy, and I go through great lengths to take care of myself, I expect you to worship me.

  I reciprocate very well when it comes to ABDL role-play. Because worshipping me is a prerequisite before we play doesn't mean that I will ignore your needs; I won't - I prefer to "steer the boat." I like to reach out with my perfectly manicured nails and glide them against your cock. I want to watch your cock twitch and move around just by the touch of my nails. I will watch it go up and down like a yoyo, and I will watch to see that pool of pre-cum collect at your penis' eye. Then I will wrap my soft hands around your meaty cock and jerk you off.

When you think that you are about to cum, I will push you on your chest so you could lay on the floor, and that is when I will sit on your face. You will have to drink up all of the leaking juices that flow from my pretty cunt. I have a lot of savory goodness dripping from my pussy, and I want you to drink up all of it. I want to enter you because penetrating you means a lot to me. It makes me know that no part of your body is off-limits, and this will bring us closer. As my strap on dominates your asshole, all I need you to do is enjoy the ride. I will go slowly to start, and once you are all loosened up, I will pick up the speed. I know how to role play and consider your feelings. When I am done fucking you, I will find it sexy when you lick off my strap-on dildo and taste the dildo that was just in your ass. Then, you will have to eat my ass slowly so I could enjoy every single lick you give me. Afterward, I will comfort you by pressing my highly sensitive nipple against your lips so you can suck it. Suck me gently and never hard, and that will make me cum.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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September 21, 2023
Brandon Gets Caught Being Naughty In His Crib!
A little over an hour had passed since Brenda laid Brandon down for his nap, so she decided to get him up; she certainly didn’t want him to have any problems going to sleep that night! Brenda padded quietly to his room, expecting to find him asleep, but he was already up and being a bit naughty. Brenda caught him rubbing his diaper on the mattress, trying to make sticky cummies! Brenda walked in on him, and when Brandon noticed, he couldn’t hide how scared he was. Brenda had a stern expression; she was upset with him, but even worse, she was disappointed. After a long sigh, Brenda started fussing at him for doing something he shouldn’t be, especially when she had already warned him. After thinking for a moment, Brenda decided he had to […]
September 17, 2023
Silly Little Sissy
  This is the confessions of a pathetic little peepee boy, who has realized that they are nothing more than a diapered sissy and that they belong in diapers and dresses.  They do not have a peepee but a clitty.  They are not a man in anyway way what-so-ever.  And now SHE belongs to me! Still in Pampers Hello everyone! My name is Pampers Huggies, I’m a 36 year-old Virgin who still wears diapers 24/7. I have a tiny, less than 3-inch, baby penis, that has been in diapers for so long, it doesn’t even get stiff anymore. I made myself limpotent and I can NOT function sexually as a man. I have never been in a physical sexual encounter. Instead, I need humiliation and the constant threat of being exposed to make me excited […]