Diaper Lovers Dare

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Have you ever exposed your Diapers in Public?

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Dare Me and I will!
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Manipulative Mandy
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Diaper Lovers Dare

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So, here is the question I posed on my Blog. Most of us love a little public humiliation. But are you concerned with the exposing yourself in public today and the consequences it could have on your future?
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Post by mommysara »

I think with all the public displays like reality shows that past adventures and skeletons in the closet one day wont really matter.
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Little Stinky Britches
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I agree with Sara.

I have went out in diapers and plastic pants before, with a pair of sweat pants (running pants) over them. Of course you could see the top of my cloth diapers and plastic pants sticking out the top, and there was no way to hide the bulk and thickness of my diapered bottom. :oops:

But really, it was no big deal. :wink:

At my age, (53) when people see you wearing diapers they just assume that it is "natural" to wear diapers in your 50's, 60's and 70's, because like babies and toddlers, we who are aging, tend to have a few "accidents" along the way. :lol:

Phew! Somebody needs a changing.
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Post by MommyMaggy »

I don't think that a diaper exposure is a deal breaker now-a-days. People are embarrassed to ask about it, and just assume it is for a medical reason, thus do not want to pry.

Now Being exposed as an Adult Baby? Now there things can get complicated. It being linked to a sexual fetish (though a lot of times it isn't) has a scandalous aspect to it.

But to me, live and let live I say - as long as it's not hurting anyone.

Mommy Maggy
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Post by Jenna »

LOL I would love to make one of my abie friends dress in public!
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