ABDL Bed Pad

A ABDL bedpad can be a very useful thing to have around when our role playing or life-styling as being a baby. What this item is, is a specially shaped pad that fits over the lower half of the bed for people who cannot leave their bed to defecate ('poop') or urinate ('pee') ior for abdl's and adults who have accidents during their sleep.

This pad will protect the mattress from becoming soiled with urine or feces during the event that the adult baby diaper lover or the diaper lover has a accident and cannot get up or make it to the bathroom fast enough. This pad puts mommy's mind to ease because she knows clean up will be a breeze.

Here at PhoneAmommy.com we specialize in everything ABDL so we have plenty of bedpad on all of our beds because we want to make sure our adult babies are always protected. We also make sure ot get the most comfortable bed pads so that our babies little bottoms are as cozy as if they were laying in mommies arms. You have a variety of mommies that are waiting to nurture and talk about anything your little baby heart desires. We have no Taboo's and love to reveal all of your deepest desires 24/7. Call toll free now 888-430-2010

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