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We are going to the fair!
December 4, 2018
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Are You Eager To Fuck Your Stepmom?
December 7, 2018

Did you know that some Mommies need a spanking just as much as any ABDL Stacey? Usually Daddy gives out the well-deserved spankings, but every now and then a baby might catch Mommy being naughty doing something that Daddy wouldn’t like, so that he had a little dirt on Mommy to make her play naughty adult games with him when he wanted! If she teases him all the time by rubbing the front of his diaper could you blame him for wanting to get a little revenge? Could be anything. Maybe a swift paddling with a wooden paddle, maybe making Mommy wear a diaper herself, maybe getting Mommy on her hands and knees to fuck her from behind. Babies need some stress release just as much as adults! It’s a little game that they play, and he can only use the new dirty thing he caught mommy doing, nothing old. She does mischievous little things to get caught by her sweet abdl! Does that sound like your kind of game? Call me for some naughty abdl Mommy phonesex.

Midget Mimi


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