The Love Of A Adult Baby Mommy
April 1, 2017
Poopy Pamper Lover
April 9, 2017

There once was an Adult Baby boy who fantasized about being in love with his mommy because she was full of life and had plenty experience in the bed. One day the boy heard some noises coming from the bathroom and wasn’t sure what they were since he had never heard these type of noises before. As he peeked into the bathroom he saw mommy in the tub covered in bubbles, he heard her moaning it sounded like. He pushed the door open a bit more and saw the water splashing around and mommy’s hand kept moving really fast, poor thing didn’t know what was going on. Mommy heard him gasp in awe and said “Come in baby, Mommy wants to show you something fun” She told him to get undress and to hop in the tub with her and mommy took his hand and stuck it in her warm wet pussy and he just started to melt away from being so curious. Time to teach this wandering boy a few new things, Give me a call and we can have some Phone Sex bubble baths together!

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