Adult Baby Daddy

If you don't know what a Adult baby Daddy is or another way we like to say it abdl Daddy, then here's a great page to help you find out. The definition of abdl is adult baby diaper lover, which goes right along with adult baby Daddy.

A strong stern Daddy who likes to take care of his adult babies at all times making sure they treated the way a good daddy should treat his little pets. You are just your daddies pet, as a good abdl you will make sure your daddy is a happy daddy always doing everything he tells you to do.

You never wanna get Daddy upset because he works all day to buy baby the diapers they he likes to change when he gets home. Some daddies take it one step further and do tings you can't tell mommy about when he gets home. Daddy might undress you and touch you in inappropriate places that he says is a secret between you and him.

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