Adult Baby Diaper Play

So what's Adult Baby Diaper Play you ask? There's so much more to adult baby diaper Play then what meets the eye. It can be the most rewarding fun adult playtime a person can have if you do it just right! Many people have different ideas of what their version of ABDL Play or adult baby diaper lover play is. I will go over two versions here so you can get a general idea.

The first kind of ABDL Play which stands for adult baby diaper lover play is the fun innocent kind of play. A adult baby is put in adult baby clothes, and a adult baby diaper, along with having a good mommy and or daddy taking care of them. The can be fed using a baby spoon and adult baby bib. They will need to have their clothes changed and then their diapers changed. They will be rocked and put to bed in a adult baby crib where they will be put to sleep listening to a lullaby sang by mommy or daddy.

The second kind of adult baby diaper play is the naughty little baby ind. The kind where mommy or daddy likes to take advantage of their little baby and all his or her little private parts. They coddle the baby and love the baby, but when its night night time they get ready to change the baby and milk him at the same time. Mommy will pull out her breasts and breast feed the adult baby and get pure pleasure from watching baby suck on her breasts until all the milk pours out into the adult babies mouth. Then mommy will change the stinky diaper and rub babies pee pee until milk pours into the babies dirty diaper.

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