Adult baby Onsie- ABDL

Have you ever wondered what a Adult baby Onsie is? Well it's the most amazing outfit that any ABDL would be proud to wear all day and night! They are comfortable, and make changing a messy dirty adult diaper a breeze! They can slip over the ABDL head super easy and make taking it off super fast for baby changes.

One of the best parts about a ABDL Adult baby Diaper Lover Onsie is the facts it comes with snaps around the bottom. This is what makes it so versatile and easy to use and wear. the fabric is usually very soft on the skin which prevents and chaffing and rubbing. Many times a good mommy or Granny will make baby a onsie from scratch so you know it was made with love when your cuddled up in your crib in that nice soft onsie.

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