Adult Diaper Sex

So what's Adult Diaper Sex you ask? There's so much more to adult diaper sex then what meets the eye. It can be a delicate massage of your swollen juicy penis or vagina through a nice thick padded diaper until you put cream all in your diaper or make a bigger messy.

Sometimes you might not even want to take off those nice padded diapers so you can cut a slit in the vagina, butt, and Penis and just have sex with your diaper still on! We light to call this the diaper Glory Hole! The Best Adult Diaper Sex girls are right here on just waiting to rip open that diaper and have sex until that diaper gets filled up!

What happens if your diaper doesn't get filled up all the way and you've been a bad boy or sissy? Then its spanking and punishment time with your diaper pulled down around your knees with you bent over hearing every smack on that bare ass!

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