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March 12, 2023
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March 19, 2023
Brenda’s Nephew Turns Into Brenda’s Baby! (Part 2)
March 12, 2023
Princess Diapers For Sissy
Brenda’s Boyfriend Turns into a Baby! (Part 1)
March 19, 2023
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Amanda’s Therapist Turns Her Into An Abdl!

daddy's diaper girl abdlAmanda’s Therapist Turns Her Into An Abdl!: I fell deeply in love with this guy. I know most of you will say I am stupid to fall for a guy’s words easily, but I don’t care. I am here to share what I went through and how I recovered from it.

I would break down at night and cry all my pain out with my mouth covered so that no one could hear me because I thought I wasn’t enough. I had a lot of insecurities—my body weight and my acne were my greatest insecurities. I couldn’t meet my parents expectations, and that broke me more than the fact that they always found faults in everything I did, making it worse until I couldn’t take it anymore. I would wait for everyone to fall asleep, and I would cry my eyes out for hours, and the next day I would act as if I were the strongest girl in the world. I would smile and laugh, all because I didn’t want to worry my family.

I had a therapist, though, who was aware of my condition and always tried his best to make me feel special; he really had my back and never left me alone.

He said if I am facing depression, I should please talk it out with friends and never let thoughts of suicide enter my mind. Get friends who will be there for me in sadness and happiness, not only in happiness. Get a hobby or something like that. I believe you can, and you will win this battle. You just have to keep on fighting your way through all the hardships in life, and you will make it.

As a young lady with a good heart, on a good day, my therapist decides that diaper therapy as an adult baby is just what I need to help me. I reluctantly accept the offer, but in the long run, I agreed to give it a try and start to love it.

If you’ve ever wondered what the ideal girl next door looks like, it’s me, Amanda. I have the perfect face, delicate and luscious lips, a sensual body, and gorgeous long blonde hair. I’m the kind of girl any guy would be lucky to have on his arm. One thing you should know about me is that I am an introvert when I first meet you. But give me some time to relax, and you’ll see the wild girl I am on the inside. Whatever you can think of, no matter how raunchy and sexy it is, try it with me, and you’ll see how eager I am.

Because I am flexible, petite, and fit, I can easily maneuver myself into any sexual position. Perhaps you’d like to pick up my little body and place it on top of the washing machine, fucking my snug little cunt While it’s on the spin cycle, or perhaps you’d like to vigorously bend me over your coffee table, fucking me in my tight, pink puckered asshole.

Even a shower with me will make all your greatest desires come true. Because of my petite stature, you can lift me and place me above you so I can slide my moist, tight, and tasty pussy onto your hard, slick cock. Because I enjoy fucking so much, the raunchier the fantasy or fetish, the better; I would relish this enormously. I won’t even object if you call me during your climax a filthy cocksucking dirty whore or a dirty little cum collecting slut.

I will never take anything you say to me in the heat of the moment personally. My pussy gets wetter the more you tell me dirty words, so don’t hold back—give me everything you’ve got! I ask that you use me in any way you can for your ultimate satisfaction and pleasure.

I can also care for you as if you were my adorable baby. When I take my soft, wet, and warm mouth to kiss and suck on your perfect dick after I give you a warm and soothing bubble bath, I’ll show you how my soft lips feel on your delicious penis. Then, as I continue to rub your cock, you won’t be able to remain flaccid because I won’t stop rubbing your tantalizing dick until it hardens in my soft hand.

So close your eyes and let me stroke your dickens all over. Then allow me to use my hands to go up and down your shaft while my pointy finger circles the tip of your gratifying dick. I am pure pleasure, and now is the time for you to discover me.

It’s the fading snapshots of my fourth meeting with a new diaper therapist. I’m holding back, and he knows it. My whole body feels tense, which is not great for the setting. I attempt to unwind, yet the rich calfskin love seat folds under me when I shift, making the developments uncommon. I’ve scarcely investigated my specialist’s blue eyes, but I think the hour went well. It has. By all accounts, when the patient has been particular about the conversation subjects, treatment generally looks like a friendly social gathering.

“Well,” my therapist, Lucas, whom I had crushed on, says the millisecond after I become specific, our time is up, and I may be free. “I don’t figure I ought to allow you to go until we’ve essentially addressed what was put out there toward the end of last week’s meeting.” I got to know Lucas had many feelings for me by telling me he would love to take care of me at home and be my permanent dad, which he later discovered with my positive answer that I wanted the same thing. I looked again at his prominent blue eyes, predominant under dim earthy colored bangs, and the top of his chest, which is embraced pleasantly by a fitted white tee under an open button-down.

I later moved in with him, gave him complete control over my life, and loved every second of it. Like he used to say, “That’s my good girl. Daddy likes his very much. When you’ve finished, I want you to straddle one of Daddy’s legs and hump my leg in your soggy diaper. Understand, baby girl?”

“Indeed, Daddy, I get it.” At this point, I rapidly move into the predetermined position and shake my hips to and fro. My diaper gives off a flavorful, warm, and wet rubbing across my pussies. The sensation assembles delight inside me increasingly more with each stroke.

“Thank you for letting me sample your delectable cum, Daddy.” Daddy Lucas put his lollipop away but did not change his clothes. He gets my bottle and puts it on the bedside table with my dummy next to it; when I whimper, he comes over and puts the dummy in my mouth instead, and I smile behind him.

I’m still on my knees, awaiting further instructions. Daddy positions himself in a seated position and then tells me to come up on the bed and lay my head on his lap. Once I’m comfortable, he begins to read me a story from his phone. I hadn’t even thought of this, and it’s just like Daddy to know what I need before I do. I’m so excited to hear Daddy’s soothing voice reading me a story. He chooses the three little pigs and strokes my hair with his free hand as he reads to me. I would never usually nap during the day, but Daddy relaxes me so much that I already feel sleepy. When the story is finished, Daddy comes over for my container and carefully takes out my hoax before setting the container’s areola into my mouth. He angles the bottle so that I can slowly suck. Daddy reminds me to slow down when I get too fast; he doesn’t want me to get a tummy ache from too much air. When my bottle is finished, he tells me it’s nap time and to get under the covers, and he does too. I cuddle into Daddy’s chest. My diaper rests on his legs as my legs go over his as I curl up into my fantastic Daddy. He strokes my hair again and continues to do this until I fall asleep, which doesn’t take long because Daddy has already made me so relaxed and sleepy.

When I wake up, Daddy is still beside me, and I smile so widely at him that I notice that he tucked my stuffy under the arm I’d laid across his chest. It’s so sweet and caring that he made sure I still had it when I forgot to grab it.

“Did you sleep well, princess?” Daddy asks, and I nod enthusiastically. “Good girl, that pleases Daddy very much. Let’s go sit on the couch and watch a movie.” Daddy puts on a Disney film and makes me sit on his lap. About 30 minutes into the film, I feel the pressure in my bladder telling me I need to pee. I start to fidget, and Daddy asks me to be still.

“Sorry, Daddy I need to go potty; please let me go to the potty.” Daddy gives me a look, and he hates when I interrupt film time and always says I need to learn to go potty before we start.

“Stop being resistant, little one. Your diaper is there for a reason; use it.”

“Can I move off of you then, please? I don’t want to pee on you.”

“No, if you even try to move, I’ll spank you again, and this time, I’ll use the hairbrush I bought for you.”

“That’s my good little girl. Daddy likes this very much. Now when you’ve finished, I want you to straddle one of Daddy’s legs and hump my leg in your soggy diaper. Understand, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, I understand.” By now, the stream has stopped, and I quickly maneuver myself into the specified position and begin to rock my hips back and forth. My diaper provides deliciously warm and wet friction across my pussy. The sensation builds pleasure within me more and more with each stroke.

“Good girl, now Daddy has one last thing for you. Stand up.” I do as he says and stand next to the bed. He then comes and stands in front of me, naked. He must’ve kicked his boxers off before he fucked me. He gently pulls the front of my diaper to make a gap, then takes his cock and puts it inside. He puts his arms around me and whispers in my ear. “My turn to use your potty now, princess.” Then I feel the first spurts of his warm pee against my pussy, and as the spurt becomes a stream, it feels incredible. I don’t know how it’s possible, but Daddy’s pee feels warmer than my own. It soaks into the diaper and spreads. Front and back because the diapers were already wet. I could almost start again right now. It feels so good. Daddy holds me tight to his chest the whole time, and I moan a little to show my delight.

“Mm, mm, good girl.” He responds. Once he has finished, he has me get on my knees and lick the last little droplets off his cotton candy lollipop. Then he has me sit on his leg again, bouncing me up and down in my super-soaked diaper. He tells me I can have one last orgasm if I think I can handle it, then begins sucking on my breasts, flicking his tongue on my exposed buds like they are clits, and I continue to rub and grind my diaper on Daddy’s legs, and I moan so loudly I’m sure the people will get noise complaints about us.

“Daddy, I’m coming. Daddy, you are so good. Oh, Daddy, you’re the best.” I lean forward, breathless, on his shoulder. After a few minutes, Daddy tells me to come into the bathroom so we can get cleaned up. We hop in the shower together, and Daddy insists he clean us both. He tells me he has to make sure his princess is squeaky clean. He gets out first, while I stay warm under the water because we forgot the towels. Then, as I step out, he wraps me up in the fluffiest towel and begins to dry me off. He even dries my hair and insists on dressing me in my pants and clothes.

Daddy gives me kinky rewards for being a good baby girl. Especially when things start to get racy between us. Click Here



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