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I am Baby Trisha, and I am an adult baby diaper lover. I would not want to be stuck wearing anything else except delicate, soft, fluffy, downy, comfy, and cuddly diapers. Diapers feel so good against my body, and I cannot function if I had something else on against my pussy. They are so convenient because I can be playing in my playpen, and I would have to pee or poop, and I can go ahead and do it right there in my diaper. I have all of the brands, and I enjoy wearing the cloth ones with the duckie pins at the side, and I enjoy the disposable ones as well. It all depends on my mood for that day, but I love wearing diapers all the time, no matter what. I also love to put my pacifier in my mouth and suck on it. I often get into trouble because as soon as mommy looks away or goes to answer the phone to talk to her friends, that is when I see what kind of trouble I can get into. When Mommy isn’t looking, I will take my pacifier out of my mouth, pull my diaper to the side, and push the nipple part of my pacifier inside my horny pussy.

I know that I am supposed to keep an eye out for mommy when she gets back into the room, but the feeling of something in my cunt that feels so good makes me cum, and then mommy catches me because I make a lot of noise when I cum. Mommy will get mad when she sees me take that same pacifier with all of my sticky pussy milk on it and put it inside my mouth. She told me that I am a dirty little girl, and she will punish me. I will have to go to mommy and lay across her knees, and she will undo the tabs to my diaper, so my pretty little ass cheeks are exposed, and mommy will spank my little bottom so hard. I can feel my bottom jiggle like jelly when mommy spanks me, and sometimes I change the position over her legs, and she would end up spanking me between my legs on my pussy, and it would hurt me.

She only does this because I deserve to be spanked, but when I am good, she will let me have playdates, and other ABDLs will come over to my house to play with me. I love to play with other diaper lovers, even though mommy does not know that when she steps away when I have playtime with others, we play a game of showing each other our genitals. I have seen so many penises and vaginas in diapers that mommy does not know about, and I have sucked a lot of them too, and they all taste delicious. I wish that I can taste your genitals and engulf your secretions. I promise not to tell Mommy anything... pinky swear!

Call Me 1-888-430-2010


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June 5, 2024

Paul is Turned Into A Baby! (part 2)

(part 1) Paul was a bit apprehensive, but he trusted her; he had always trusted her, so he sat back and allowed himself to drop his worry and enjoy how he felt being transformed into a baby. The transformation happened gradually. At first, it was just physical changes. Paul’s body shrank until he was the size of a newborn baby. His clothes became too big, and Brenda brought out some baby clothes for him to wear. She giggled as she dressed him in a cute onesie and a pair of tiny socks. As the physical transformation continued, he also began to feel different on the inside. His thoughts and emotions started to change, becoming simpler and more innocent. He felt a sense of wonder and curiosity that he hadn’t felt since childhood. Brenda was delighted […]
June 5, 2024

Paul is Turned Into A Baby! (part 1)

Brenda had always been the one to take care of Paul in their relationship. Some people saw it as odd, how she was more of a mother than anything to him, but it worked wonderfully for the both of them. It was no surprise then that when she heard about the new pill that could turn adults into babies for a day, she immediately thought of trying it on him. “It’s supposed to help adults relax and let go of their responsibilities,” she explained excitedly to him as they sat on the couch in their small apartment. “You’ve been so stressed lately, I thought it might be just the thing for you.” Paul raised an eyebrow skeptically. He had always been wary of new and untested treatments. “I don’t know, Brenda. Turning into a baby […]