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 I am Bad Baby Lexi, and I ain't no fucking pretty princess; let's just get that straight! I am a badass bottom, also known as a submissive baby, and I have many tops - which are dominants that I enjoy roleplaying with. Pain feels so fucking good to me that I will continue to seek it out. Because I am a bad baby girl consistently, I will always get punished. Being a good girl is not me. I won't even dress like a good girl if you paid me because that is not who I am. And to make sure that I get extra punishments, I purposely disobey when my dominant tells me to do something. I take forever to respond to questions, and sometimes I pretend that I am so occupied on my phone watching videos that I practically ignore my top. I know that it won't be too long until I get punished for it, and that is exactly what I want.

   I am not the type that is ever gonna get tied down to one fucking dommy mommy or dommy daddy; Get the fuck out of here! I love my freedom! And why should I settle for one dominant when I could have a ton of doms to play with? I dig abdl/bdsm roleplay that is the most unusual, weirdest, sickest, craziest, roughest, kinkiest, and raunchiest possible. No missionary style bullshit for me, keep that for your dull ass spouse, cause I don't get involved in boring shit; it has to be exciting for me to give a fuck about it. My pain tolerance is high as fuck, so that will explain my various piercings and tattoos. I also love to have my nipples twisted, pulled, and bitten when I am fucking, and spankings are best done on my ass when they are done so hard on my ass that my cheeks end up looking red and blistered.

 I purposely love to move my hips and ass all over the place instead of remaining still over my dominant's knees so that I could prolong my discipline. My pussy is constantly leaking juices when I am getting spanked; that shit just feels so good! When I play, I love it when I am stripped naked and tied to a bed, spread eagle with my entire pussy, and my delicious tits all exposed. Then if you would blindfold me and stuff a ball gag into my mouth would make my cunt super wet. Though I love to play rough, you can give me a safe word if you want so you could feel comfortable. The dominant mommies and daddies that I play with love to do that shit. I don't care for it because I have never had to use my fucking safe word in all the times that I have played. But they always do it for them cause they have no idea how much pain I can take, and they end up freaking out, worrying that they will end up breaking something on me if there is no safe word in our play. I am the baddest baby that you will ever play with, so let's see what you have got. Do you think that you have what it takes to dominate me?

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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September 27, 2023
Sissy Penelope Gets A Treat!
It wasn’t the first sissy pageant contest that Penelope was in, and definitely wouldn’t be the last. Sissy Penelope and her Auntie Brenda were used to all the stress before a competition, and they loved the pampering that always came with it. Penelope enjoyed being the center of attention, strutting along the stage for everyone to see how pretty she looked in all kinds of dresses, revealing swimsuits, and tight leotards. Penelope had so much experience and felt so at ease that she effortlessly swayed her hips and flipped her hair while maintaining eye contact with the judges. What for most girls in that pageant felt like a chore, Penelope loved it, changing her outfit and hairstyle for each category contest. All the other contestants were phenomenal, showing off their unique skills and wearing beautiful […]
September 25, 2023
Brandon Gets Spanked in Front of Everyone!
Brandon woke up super excited since he was having a party with other abdl’s just like him, a little meet-up later that day! Brandon had all his toys waiting in his toy boxes in his nursery, and he couldn’t wait for his friends to arrive. He waddled quickly behind Aunt Brenda when she started letting everyone in as they came one after the other, and while Brandon showed his friends his things, Brenda and her friends sat in the dining room having tea. Brandon already knew some of the other babies from previous meet-ups and quickly befriended the ones he didn’t know by sharing his toys. However, Robert was also there, and even though they mostly ignored each other, Robert, after some time, started approaching Brandon to play with the toys he had. Brandon never […]