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Call Your ABDL Mommy Susan


I just love it when my  ABDL comes out of the bubble bath all wet and naked, he just smells so clean and his skin is really soft and it just excites mommy. After I wrap a towel around him and I help him climb over and out of the tub, I have to remind him to be careful so he does not slip and fall. I lay him down on the changing table and start rubbing baby oil on his legs, rubbing it deeper and firmer on his thigh. AW! My little sweet guy looks like he is getting happy and excited! Mommy likes it; inside of putting a diaper on him I decide to leave him naked, naked baby time is our very special bonding time. Baby loves to lay on my breast and hold them while I rub his back and the top of his little tush. Our bodies are so warm and we so close to each other, I can’t help it but I want to start kissing him and touching his little itty bitty pee pee. We never miss the chance to bond and share our love. Call Me for some ABDL Phone Sex!


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