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 I am Tranny Darla, and you will absolutely love me because I am an ABDL mommy with something extra. I transitioned a few years ago, and I am very versed in how to satisfy bi-curious and bisexual men in addition to gleefully engaging in roleplay as a top, bottom, with boys, girls, or fellow Transexual girls. Though I am a transsexual, femininity has always been a part of me ever since I was a child. When I was young, people always used to tell my mother what a beautiful girl she had. She would thank them and later mention to them that I was a boy. I was born trans, and nothing had to occur for me to be this way because this is not a choice. Trans people are the same as others; our wants and desires in life are to be content, cherished, and happy. Some people have straightforwardly told me that they had biases around trans people. Still, as soon as they have a conversation with me – they see no real variation between cisgender [non-transgender] people and me. A lot of people have it in their heads that we wake up and decide to be trans. I want people to know that it is not a choice. Nothing has happened in my life to make me trans. I did not care for any boyish games in middle school as my friends did, and all I did was beg my mother to wear pink dresses. My mother was so concerned that she took me to a doctor who told her to keep dressing me in boyish clothing. This upset me because that was not who I was. I persisted in being myself, and I continued to drift towards customarily feminine activities, which included playing dolls, putting on pretend wigs and makeup, and dressing up.

The physical variations between the other boys in high school and me became more prominent. People observed that I had a feminine shape such as pronounced hips, a slender figure, smoothed shoulders, and a womanlier voice than my peers. Soon I was living a double life. I was, dressed like a boy to go to school and I changed into girl's clothes as soon as I could. I have always been exceptionally womanlike; I continually felt that way. I never felt like a boy; I was just forced to live like a boy all through my youth and up until high school. When I went to finished high school, I started dressing as a girl full time. I used money that I saved up from being a secretary to pay for my beautiful tits, and I was introduced to the ABDL and BDSM community, which helped open my sexuality. I used my creativity to engage in lots of sexual liaisons, and I realized that I love the world of fantasy and roleplay, and I embraced it. When I think about how I feel about myself today, I am fortunate to have both tits and a cock. There are so many things that I can do with the best of both worlds. When I roleplay with various fantasies and fetishes, I love it when can take turns fucking each other in the ass, or while you jerk your cock, I can put your face and mush it between my tits. I have a variety of fetishes that I indulge in. The sky is the limit as to the many of the things that I can do with you. No matter what it is, it is all on the table when it comes to us enjoying a sexy, fun time. In the BDSM community, I am referred to as a switch. There is no need for me to stick to one side when I can switch between two sides. I can be a good little obedient girl, and I can also be a dommy tranny mommy.

Not having any limits means I can let go and submit to the fantasy. My specialties include public humiliation, sissy training, mommy domination, blackmail/financial domination, hypnosis, sexual dress up, orgasm denial, age regression, medical fetishes, and giantess role play. I just named a few of some of the limitless fantasies I can make come to life so you will be able to enjoy intense pleasure. When I am in the role of a mommy, it is my favorite pastime to have an ABDL baby suck on my juicy tits while he or she jerks my cock at the same time. I love the sensation of having both my cock and my tits stimulated at the same time. My cock being squeezed between the palm of a hand while my balls tighten and the nipples on my tits hardening because of my mere excitement. I also enjoy doing this in the park or in a car parked on the sidewalk as the pleasure grows with the thought at the back of my mind that someone could walk past us anytime, and we could get caught engaging in our risky behavior. And when we compare both of our cocks, and you show me that you are smaller than me, it is always time for me to have some public humiliation kick in where I tease you about the size of your teeny weenie dick. I remind you that a dick that little will have to stay snuggled up in diapers for the rest of your life. No matter how much begging happens, I will make sure that you never grow into your fullest potential as an adult, and I will keep you baby-sized forever. I will cuddle up with you in bed and make sure that we are in the fetal position with my cock pressed up against your ass so every tie it twitches behind you, you will be able to feel it grow. And when you are naughty and refuse to behave yourself, I love to punish you in my own special way by getting you very excited to the point of climax and then denying you that orgasm to teach you a much-needed lesson.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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May 28, 2024
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