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January 14, 2018
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Diaper Domination With Mommy Tawny

Woman Crossing Her Hands and Holding Them on Shoulders

Well arent you such a naughty little adult baby. You peeked in on Mommy while she was changing her silky red panties. I know I’m a MILF and it’s hard not to peek but you‘re were supposed to be a good little angel and play quietly in your play room while Mommy changed her cloths. But noooo…. you snuck in quiet as a little mouse and peeked through the crack in the door. Now mommy has no choice but to show you just how naughty a little baby you are by pulling down your diaper and spanking your little bottom. Naughty ABDL’s must be punished and you have been such a naughty little baby.  Now give Mommy a call so she can bend you over knee and spank your little bottom till it is red and sore. Phone a Mommy Tawny cannot except naughty nasty behaviors from her sweet little baby, now can she?!! So, Mommy has to make sure you learn your lesson very well! I bet the next time you wont be so quick to peek in on Mommy and be naughty little diaper baby. Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!



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