Diaper Lover Baby Powder

If you have ever wanted to know what a Diaper Lover Baby Powder is you have found the right place. When your a diaper lover or a adult baby you most likely Love diapers as much as we do! When you wear diapers all day or even for a couple of hours something starts to happen.

Your skin can blister or chaff because of the moisture on your skin for so long because of the diaper holding in all that pee pee. When this happens good mommies and daddies have one tool in their adult bay tool bag that will fix everything! Its called Diaper Lover baby Powder and its amazing for these issues.

There are more ways then just putting adult baby diaper powder in the diapers. The good mommies and daddies also put it all over baby after they get out of the bath to keep them nice and fresh! Here at PhoneAmommy.com we specialize in ABDL's! You have a variety of Mommies, Grannies, Daddies, Sitters, Nannies and so many more to choose from. We have no Taboo's and love to reveal all of our secrets over the phone. Call toll free now 888-430-2010

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