Diaper Masturbation Lovers

Diaper Masturbation feels amazing and I'm going to describe it and define to the best of my ability. My definition of Diaper Masturbation actually has a couple of different meaning. One meaning is when I take a messy in my diaper and I sit in it for over 30 min then I start to rub my vagina or your penis when your diaper on. The nice soft urine filled gels rub against my private part and feels amazing. Then if i rub over my diaper faster and faster i start to feel like my pussy is going to explode inside my diaper. Then all of a sudden I feel wet coming out of my wet soaked pussy because i just came all in my messy diaper.

The second way is when i'm laying next to my daddy and h tells me to keep a little secret between us and he reaches into my diaper and starts to massage and rub around inside my diaper.Then daddy goes even deeper and i feel him flicking his finger back and fourth on my clitty to make it swell up in my diaper. Then my daddy goes deeper and slides his finger deep into my wet pussy. Wen he does that he masturbates me inside my diaper until i fill it and his hand full of baby cum.

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