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Diaper Rubs

ABDL StaceyIt’s time for you Mommy to really have some fun an embarrass her ADULT BABY PHONE SEX WHORE. I have watch you all day playing with you little toys and crawling around on the floor like a sweet little baby but you aren’t fooling any one little guy. Every once a while mommy will catch you rubbing the front of your diaper and moaning. Then I noticed that you tiny little peepee starts making lump in your diaper. How many times has mommy told you rubbing your self is a no-no. I guess the only way you will learn is if Mommy punishes you. So I’m going to lay you down and mommy is going to rub your diaper with her hand and make you feel so good you explode and make a hot sticky mess in you diaper. Then mommy will take you pacifier and and roll it in the mess you made. Then after securing that dirty sticky diaper back on you i am going to lay you down for a nap n put you pacifier in your mouth. I’m going to make you sleep in your cum you dirty little ABDL StaceyE. If your want to hear more give me a call

ABDL Stacey


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