Dirty Diaper

what is a dirty diaper you ask? Well there are many different kinds of dirty diapers, and I'm here to tell you all about them! First we have our pee-pee filled dirty diaper. Those aren't that hard to clean up they are actually a good clean messy.

Second we have our Poopy diapers. Those are the messy diapers if they have been worn longer then 30 minutes sitting in the mess. These diapers need multiple baby wipes to clean up and smell really stinky. these diapers feel really good on your bottom, warm, and squishy.

Now we have our third messy dirty adult diaper and this one is full of nice juicy milky cum that you have left in it after you had a little bit to much adult baby fun. This dirty diaper is nice and silky on your penis, vagina, or bottom. This diaper needs wipes to clean it up followed by a nice baby powder butt bath to clean it up so it wont be sticky the next day.

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