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Abdl Girl Jenna’s Night TIme Trouble Part 1
September 30, 2018
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Waking Up With Abdl Mommy Janey Video!
October 6, 2018

Well, well, well, what have we here? Did your wife leave you all by your lonesome today, sugar? Hehe and what is that you’re wearing? Looks like you sneaked into your ABDL Stacey‘s sexy lingerie drawer as soon as she left! Its a good thing you called me for a strict humiliation and discipline phone sex session, otherwise who knows how much trouble you would have gotten into, left to your own sissy devices. You know your wife and I talk, don’t you? And we have planned a day full of teasing and denial to overwhelm your weak sissy senses and leave you knowing just how naughty you’ve been. You see, I had her paint her panties (yes, the slutty pair you’re wearing now…) with a thick layer of cream laxative… Hehe do you feel that, sissy? The rumble in your little tummy growing as you begin to realize that you’re not a big girl at all, just a sissy baby girl who is about to make a big mess in those pretty panties! Time for an abdl diaper, princess!

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Mommy Jackie

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