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July 25, 2007
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July 28, 2007
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Dream Nursey

You open the door and walk into a room with pale yellow walls. Pine wood molding stretches from the floor midway up the wall. A classic winnie the pooh border runs along on top of the molding. All the furniture is oak. There is a gliding rocking chair in one corner. A changing table sits along one wall. It is filled with diapers, plastic pants, diaper pins, wipes, powders, vaseline, and rash medicine. On the opposite wall sits a large dresser filled with baby clothes for boys and girls. There is a circular shaped crib in the middle of the room. It is draped with white and pale yellow mosquito netting and lace. The sheets, bumper and comforter are all classic winnie the pooh.The closet is filled with the finest dresses for sissies and little girls. There is a set of french doors across the room. As you walk through these doors you immediately notice that this room is a play room. It has two toy boxes filled with toys. It has a plastic play set in the corner and 2 book shelves filled with books. There is also a table with a tea set. And last but not least it has a closet filled with “special” play toys. Strap ons, restraints, whips and paddles, butt-plugs and anything else that naughty babies need.

HeeHee, someone asked me today if I had a nursery. Sadly I do not…yet. This is the my dream nursery.

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