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    I am Maid Ebony, and I am at your service, always. I am a submissive, otherwise known as a slave, and I will do whatever you want; nothing is too much for me to handle. If you want to engage in degrading racial play with me and use slurs, please do. I am your little maid slave to use and abuse for your ultimate pleasure. I will dress up in a maid's uniform and wrap up my hair and serve you your meals and massage your dirty feet; I will do it. Why bother getting your feet washed before I suck off all the dirt first with my dirty little slave mouth. Use my mouth as your toilet; you can piss and shit in it and call me any racially humiliating name that you want, and I will take the insults when I swallow all of your waste.

Fill up my belly with your waste, and I will consume all of it. If I miss some of it by accident and it falls on the floor, you can kick me and tell me to lick it off the floor. I will do it; I will lick up anything off the floor that you want. Would you like me to mop the floor with my tongue, too, while you watch me on my hands and knees licking the dirty floor clean? You are my master, and I am nothing more than your slave; you own me, so I will have no choice but to do it. And when you want to throw me on the bed and rip off all of my maid clothes and shove your beautiful dick inside of my brown pussy, all you have to do is grab me, put me in a headlock, throw me down on the bed or the floor and fuck me. Ram your dick inside of me, and do it hard, long and rough. I don't need you to be kind and caring with me; I want you to abuse, use and humiliate me.

Would you like to have some of your friends come over to your house so they could watch while you rape me, and afterward, they can take turns doing the same thing to me? That is fine; bring all of your friends over so they can "run a train" on me and take turns fucking me all day and all night long. I am a dirty fucking slave whore, and I will clean up all of your friends' dirty dicks with my mouth before they fuck me. They don't even have to wash their dicks for several days; I will make sure to suck off all the old and stale cummy debris on them. And if they want to fuck and don't care for getting sucked - I will obey as they shove their dirty dicks inside my pussy. All I want is for you to fuck me like the dirty little slave whore I am; this is what I deserve.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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May 17, 2024
Keith Has to Go Shopping For Diapers!
Keith sat on the edge of the bed, his face flushed with embarrassment as he glanced down at the wet patch on his pants. It had happened again, despite his best efforts to control it. He sighed heavily, feeling utterly defeated… His wife, Sara, entered the room, her expression a mix of concern and frustration. “Keith, not again..” she said, her voice tinged with exasperation. Keith hung his head, unable to meet her gaze. “I’m sorry, Sara. I can’t help it.” She sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. “We’ve been through this before, sweetie. It’s time we do something about it.” He felt a wave of dread wash over him. He knew what his wife was implying, and he dreaded the thought of it. “You can’t be serious,” he said in a whisper-like voice. […]
May 16, 2024
Johnny Works Out In His Diapers!
Johnny fidgeted in the back seat as his Aunt Brenda drove him to the gym, a sense of dread knotting in his stomach. She had given him strict instructions before they left the house, instructions that made his cheeks burn with embarrassment. “Come on, do I have to wear this?” Johnny pleaded, poking at the diaper she had put him in before they left the house. But Aunt Brenda just shot him a look, one that meant business. She always gave him the same look when he was on the brink of trouble. She dressed him in shorts that covered his diaper but were snug enough to make him acutely aware of its presence; every crinkle and bulge felt like a neon sign announcing his embarrassment to the world… “You know the rules, Johnny,” she […]