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Those who suckle and are suckled within the confines of a monogamous sexual relationship are often referred to as a “nursing couple.” There are a number of different methods by which erotic lactation can take place. 'Lactation games' typically refers to any kind of sexual activity that includes female breast milk. There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman whose breasts are swollen with milk. I find it powerful and feminine. I have not had children yet, but many of my close girlfriends confided that when they were nursing, their partners were curious to try suckling. The girls’ reactions were mixed—some felt their milk was only for the baby. A few found it strangely beautiful to have the whole family participate in such an intimate, life-affirming experience.

Given that her breasts are being touched, sucked, and adored; it’s natural that many women experience sexual arousal while nursing. High levels of the hormones oxytocin and prolactin are released during breast play. Oxytocin is the cuddle-and-bonding hormone, present in any loving relationship, whether a couple, a family, a friendship, or even with pets. Prolactin spurs, prolongs, or maintains milk production. Milk Fetishism vs. Erotic Lactation It’s quite common for men to want to try nursing or taste breast milk. For some, the desire is intensely sexual. Since it was fashionable until recently to define every imaginative fantasy as some kind of disorder, this desire is sometimes referred to by the medical terms lactophilia or milk fetishism. But practitioners of adult breastfeeding prefer erotic lactation or adult nursing.

But where’s a guy to meet sexually available women who just happen to have breasts full of sweet milk? This kink is more challenging to fulfill than most! There’s an erotic lactation niche in porn. There are also women who rent out their breasts when they are nursing. But this is usually illegal, considered as prostitution. When these archaic laws are in place, both parties are at risk. Besides, the nature of erotic nursing is slow, patient, and intimate. It’s not the kind of kink fulfilled in a fast and furious hookup. So what’s a guy to do? The Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) is, for many practitioners, the ideal way to indulge the lactation fetish. The slow pace and the comforting bond is often an integral part of the joy of lactation sex. Patience and trust from both parties make this kink work.

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