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August 10, 2007
August 13, 2007
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Fall is in the air !

Hello all my darlins!

Did you feel it? Can you feel it? I felt it! It was a blast of cold air right up my skirt! Could it be… Fall in the air? Summer is almost over, not that I want to give up my fun in the sun. Boy did I have fun! I went to Amish country as some of you will remember and Sesame Place, which I suggest all you Abies go to at least once in your life! Rides and sized just right for little ones and well as big ones ( I went on everything!). But now with the cooler air heading my way, it is time for shopping!! Yep you know me and my boot fetish!! Tall boots, short boots, thigh high’s love to them all! Of course I will still be wearing my signature mini skirts. Now I have caught more then one of you trying to take a peek up them! You know who you are! Well I guess I can walk around a little more at ease knowing that my thongs may be replaced by stockings. (so there you naughty babies!) I love my fishnets and my crotchless tights. Hmmm wait cum to think of it, that would really you from peeking now will it? Oh well, I better not catch you or it will be over my knee for a paddling of your life!

Tell me what your favorite fall outfit is!

Kiss’s & Hug’s

Mommy Sue

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