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September 3, 2007
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September 14, 2007
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First Day At School

  The first day of school can be very trying to for little ones.  But yesterday, one of the sweet little ones called me and he was having such a hard day at school.  And do you know what he did? He pooped himself!  Smart little man, he knew Mommy would have to come to school to pick him up.  I let him know that this behavior was unacceptable and I took him home.  But not without putting him in some cloth diapers and some plastic pants first.  I changed him in the SUV and put him in his car seat, and wouldn’t you know it???? Half way home I had to pull over because I could see his little face getting all red when I looked at him in the rear view mirror, turns out he went poop again!  Luckily I pulled into a McDonalds and I made him stand in line to get us food all by himself in his poopy diaper.  Ooooooh the poor little guy, standing in line, two girls behind him making fun of him, and he started to cry.  Awwwwww.  Well anyway, it all ended well, when we got home and discussed it further, it ended in a big hug and a kiss.  I do so love all my little ones, but sometimes they need a little bit of discipline.  So to PottyPants, you be a good boy, and no more doing what you did to get out of school mister!

All My Love,

Mommy Liz

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