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Diaper Training For Naughty Young Boys!
August 31, 2018
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Naughty Diaper Girl Gets Punished!
September 3, 2018
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Forced Feeding

Its dinner time my sweet little ABDL Phone SEX Baby. And since you have been so naughty the last couple of nights not eating your yummy home made organic baby food your Mommy has made you. Such a naughty ungrateful baby. So now i am going to have to teach you a lesson. I am going to sit you in your little high chair. And tie you hands to the chair. Making sure you cant move or wiggle. After tying your hands I’m going to make sure you cant turn your head and tie it so your facing straight ahead. I went to the doctor today and told him about my little problem and he gave me a wonderful little device. It goes over you nose so that you cant breath through it and makes you open your mouth just for mommy. So u can breath and eat! So now I’m going to feed you til your belly is nice and full. Without you being a naughty little Abdl phone sex whore. Never disobey mommy she will always make you do what she wants! If you want to hear more call me.



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