Forced Feminization - ABDL and BDSM

The term forced feminization is a term that has been around for a long time in the ABDL ad BDSM communities. It is when there is a top – a person who is control – also known as a dominant, forces a male bottom – also known as a submissive into presuming a submissive feminized position. There are a variety of ways that one can feminize another; but before any feminization can be done – a person has to get into the mind of another and make them conform to whatever they are forcing them to do. The first thing is to call a person who has a make name a female name as this will be the new persona that the person will be forced to undertake. Resisting is pointless when a dominant is telling you what to do when you are a submissive, so instead of making things difficult for yourself – if you are a submissive the best thing to do is to follow along and do exactly as you are told. And if your new name is now Stephanie and no longer, Steve – you are expected to answer to your new name of Stephanie. You will be expected to act in the mannerisms or in other words, the “womaniserisms” of what your dominant dictates that you act as. You will know and believe that you are that little sissy that your male or female dominant commands.


Dressing up in panties, bras, stockings, baby doll dresses and wearing a full face of makeup and a wig are also a part of a person being feminized. Though the arousal for the submissive is to be forcibly feminized, before any type of erotic play ensues, there should be a word that is put in place in advance of role-play; this word is called a safe word. A safe word is utilized to make sure that the limit that the person who is being feminized is not crossed. Though the dominant is control – the art of the fantasy is that the submissive partner is being forced and it is a force that is wanted. If the role-play has to end for any reason then the safe word is in place for that purpose. This type of sissification also comes with being referred to as a sissy, sissy bitch, sissy slut, panty waste, or any other feminized words that the dominant chooses to call the submissive.


Sissies are also told to go to work in feminized clothing underneath and only the dominant will know that the abdl sissy will know. If the sissy goes against the wishes of the dominant, punishment will ensue. A good old fashioned spanking usually occurs or body worship will ensue. It is not uncommon for a mistress or a mommy whose cunt is covered in cummies to have a sissy lick and suck up all of it. Cooperation is vital in a top and bottom forced feminization role-play session. If a submissive pleads and begs for the feminization to stop and they are so adamant about it, this resistance is part of the fetish/fantasy. Small penis humiliation is also a part of the fantasy fetish and referring to the male part as a clitty or clitty cock, pussy or man pussy are some terms that are used to heighten the erotic role play. And other phrases would be to call the forcibly feminized individual a baby girl, sissy princess, or sissy baby girl. Derogatory terms such as bitch, slut, whore, sissy faggot or a cock sucking whore. This type of name calling is a sexual turn on and it is individual and specific to the type of role-play that happens between the dominant and the submissive.


Forced Feminization can also occur when a sissy masturbates and watches a series of sissy hypnosis audio. The constant repetition of certain words and phrases, such as “I am a sissy or I will always be a sissy” helps to condition the sissy of “her” role. A sissy would rub her genitals and in her mind she is performing for her mistress and in turn the mistress could reward the sissy with a good old fashion anal fucking with a strap-on. The act of being penetrated anally with a strap on is also referred to as pegging. Though the words may be different, the meaning is the same. In addition to being pegged, the act of having a sissy being forced to suck off the strap on that they were just anally fucked with is a great act to have a dominant request that the submissive do. Submitting in such a way where you avail your entire body to your mistress, especially your tight and puckered asshole really makes a forced feminization experience a really special one. In this context, the role of the submissive would be as a receiver, while the role of the giver. Both parties will therefore benefit from each other in that respect.Some ABDL’s (Adult Baby Diaper Lovers) who call themselves sissy babies, love to be forcibly feminized while being told to wear diapers and then to be trained and/or told to we themselves. This lack of accountability and responsibility by losing control – in a sense – of one’s own functions, really enhances the experience of being a feminized individual.


Orgasm denial is another aspect that happens with forced feminization in which the genitals are trapped in a cock cage and the submissive is told not to cum until told to by the dominant. This denial exercises control on the part of the submissive and makes him even more subservient in obeying the commands of the dominant. In actuality, when dominants and submissive are engaged in erotic roleplay, there needs to be a level of trust on both parts. The submissive selects the dominant and the dominant takes on the responsibility of leading the submissive and though play can take on a rough spell at times, there is never to be anytime in which the person’s health could be jeopardized with the role play.


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