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March 17, 2008
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March 29, 2008
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Get out your Easter bonnets!

Hello, boys and girls…it’s Nanny Rachel again. I hope you are all enjoying the weather warming up (and hopefully it is where you live). Do you ever notice how when winter leaves and Spring starts to peep it’s head around the corner, people start to feel very up to trying new and different things? I sure have noticed that….maybe it’s a new haircut, redecorating your home, or maybe…trying a different brand of diapers, buying a new bib, talking to a new Nanny….

 Spring is a time to come in with the new and out with the old. Maybe you need to do a little “Spring cleaning”….come clean with those desires you’ve been hiding in the closet. Tell me about them…I want to make them all come true.

 Will the Easter bunny be visiting you in a few days? Maybe you’ll get some pretty Easter eggs filled with candy. Maybe your basket will have pretty ribbons for you to wear so you can look even prettier when you get dressed up in your pretty Easter dress and hat! Hopefully this Easter you will treat yourself to something….maybe the chance to live out those fantasies you’ve been hiding in the closet all winter long.

Call me..I’m waiting!


Nanny Rachel


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