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My name is Granny Windy, and I am a foxy grandma who is kind and loving. I have been taking care of adult baby diaper lovers for years. When they want someone who has experience mixed in with the passion, it is me that they come to see. You are in good hands with me. I won’t ever hold back from giving you all of the love, affection, and attention you need. I know how you need to be with someone who knows how to take care of you, and that is why you are here with me.

I am not a pushover because I have a generous heart – I know how to love you and also impart the necessary discipline that you will need when you stray off the right path. I know how to put you right back on track, honey. You can count on me to use my unique approach of discipline to scold you while I am teaching you right from wrong at the same time. I will always check your diaper to make sure that you are nice and clean, and when it is time for you to pee or poop, I will be there to encourage you. I will rub your tummy for you while I speak to you in my lovely, sweet voice that will soothe and relax you, just like my hands rubbing your belly. If at times your poop is stuck in your butt hole and can’t come out, I will give you a little prune juice to sip on, and then I will put a little Vaseline on my fingers and open up your ass cheeks and pull out the stuck poop myself. I don’t need to use any modern stuff out there – I am an old-fashioned expert in home remedies to take care of you and make you feel good. And don’t hide your face in shame when I take a warm wet and soapy rag, wrap it around my finger, and clean out your asshole with it.

I am your Granny Windy, and I love taking care of you. Once I conclude cleaning your dirty asshole, I will give you tender kisses on it so that you don’t feel guilty for shitting out of your asshole for me to clean it. Then, I will do the same for your penis and balls by cleaning them up with another warm, wet, soapy rag. I will see your happiness on your face when I clean you all up, and your smile will get even more significant when I take my soft and mature lips and kiss your penis. I will tell you how sweet your penis smells when I am kissing it, and I will slowly slip out my tongue to taste it. I will hold you against my naked body after I diaper you, and you will feel like the most cherished person in the world because I am here to pleasure you and take care of you always.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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September 17, 2023
Silly Little Sissy
  This is the confessions of a pathetic little peepee boy, who has realized that they are nothing more than a diapered sissy and that they belong in diapers and dresses.  They do not have a peepee but a clitty.  They are not a man in anyway way what-so-ever.  And now SHE belongs to me! Still in Pampers Hello everyone! My name is Pampers Huggies, I’m a 36 year-old Virgin who still wears diapers 24/7. I have a tiny, less than 3-inch, baby penis, that has been in diapers for so long, it doesn’t even get stiff anymore. I made myself limpotent and I can NOT function sexually as a man. I have never been in a physical sexual encounter. Instead, I need humiliation and the constant threat of being exposed to make me excited […]
September 13, 2023
Amanda Becomes A Giantess And Uses Her Boyfriend!
When Amanda first heard the rumors about a drug that could make people bigger every time they orgasmed, she thought it was a lie. However, her friend who had tried it said it worked and sent her a free dose. Once she received it, Amanda didn’t wait and immediately gave herself the shot. Amanda and her boyfriend Eric did it every day for the next few days. Amanda didn’t notice any difference in her body the first two days and felt slightly let down by it, but Eric still had hope and convinced her to continue. Eric did it all for Amanda to ensure she came more than once that night. He sucked and licked her pussy until she squirted. He rammed her while teasing her clitoris. And then he fingered her until she came […]