Messy Adult Diaper - ABDL Phone Sex

There's nothing more squishy and comfy then a nice poopy diaper. If your a abdl then you've had to have at least a dozen Poopy Adult diapers in your life. Theirs so many different kinds, from squishy soft and butt coating, to hard lumpy and stiff in your diaper, to diarrhea that finds it's way dripping of of your messy diapers.

A nice Poopy diaper can be comforting when your sitting in it or sleeping it it because it can provide a nice warm base for your bottom to sit and lay in. Sometimes if your poopy diaper is to runny then it has to be changed faster so it doesn't burn your skin and leak out of your diaper.

The good mommies and daddies will pat the baby on the butt to see if they feel a poopy, if they don't they will sniff their diaper to see if they smell anything. if that doesn't tell them if you made a poopy then they will stick their finger in your diaper and see if they pull back poo poo! This is how they know when its time to change their adult babies diaper. Here at we specialize in ABDL's! You have a variety of Mommies, Grannies, Daddies, Sitters, Nannies and so many more to choose from. We have no Taboo's and love to reveal all of our secrets over the phone. Call toll free now 888-430-2010

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