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Hello darling adult Babies, I am Midget Mommy Mimi, and I am a little person that is only 3 feet tall. I'm all you could ever desire in a very tiny package. I have a great talent for changing the diapers of many babies. I also enjoy sucking out the milk from my adult babies' privates after I change their diapers. Try to imagine having a tiny little midget mommy with great juicy and soft jugs, and it is your job to suck all of the milk out. Having you latch on to my nipples and start to draw out my sweet breast milk is what I love to have my babies do. In my bedroom, I have all of the diaper changing items that my adult babies will need. I have diapers, pacifiers, plastic pants, bibs, wipes, ointment, powder, and lotion. I know that it may just be a little bit of me, but I am enough to be a whole lot of mommy to take care of all of my babies. There are a lot of good things about a mommy who is a little person. I am that relaxed, tranquil, and carefree adult baby mommy that you waited all this time for. I will be in your room to get you ready for bed, put the covers over you, get you in a dry diaper, and sing you a lullaby. I will make you feel so incredibly unique and adored. When you jump up out of your bed after a scary nightmare, I will use my little tiny legs to race to your room as fast as I can. I will be the mommy that will sit on your lap because I am so small and open your mouth and put my arm around your shoulder and pop one of my boobs in your mouth. When you close your eyes with me on your lap as you suck on my boob, you will feel so happy and relaxed. My boobs are so soft and squishy, and you will not want to stop sucking on them for hours.

My boobs are for your happiness, comfort, and joy. When your dry diaper gets soggy and wet because you p, whether it be number one or number two - you peed or pooped in it, I will make sure to change you out of that dirty diaper as soon as possible. I do not want you to get a rash, so once I get your penis and balls cleaned, the first thing I will rub on your genitals would be some ointment. And if there is any tenderness down there, I will make sure to kiss your privates until they feel much better gently. Always be respectful and kind to me. Don't misbehave and end up getting punished. I am not a harsh mommy, but if you are bad, I will hide my boobs from you, and you won't be able to suck them or play with them. I do everything in a kind and caring way because I love and care for my babies. You may have a hush-hush fantasy that no one else knows about, but you can tell me about it. You never have to be timid around me. I want to be everything to you and every person to you all rolled up in one. You are my sweetheart; you make me happy and glad I only want to increase that joy in your life when I caress you gently and stare into your eyes; it is such a joy to see your face. If you are ever famished, you won't need to look too far as I will be right by your side. I will know exactly what I have to do to make you feel better. Directing your face to my juicy and enchanting tits is what you will need to be happy. The way that your face will light up with happiness and joy is what I care about. You are to escape all of the problems that life brings when you are with me. A lot of love is packed into my tiny frame.

Hold me so very tightly and allow yourself to be comforted. When you and I are together, nothing else and no one else exists. You are my sweet and tender darling, and you know that I know best with what is needed to satisfy you. When you are famished, you won't need to look too far as I will be right by your side. Expect to have a lot of fun when we engage in making our fantasies become a reality when we act them out while talking to each other on the phone. I am not squeamish, so whatever you can think about and want to roleplay, we can do that. Just trust me and tell me, and we can start the process of living out your wildest dreams and fantasies over the phone. You can taste me gently, slowly, and passionately. I am the little mommy that tastes really sweet. Some people say I taste like pineapples that have ripened in the sun until their peak of sweetness. Others say I taste like sweet purple grapes before they are packed and ready to be turned into wine. No matter what I taste like or what the fantasy, I am happy to roleplay it for you. When I pick up the phone to answer your call, you can rest assured that I won't be distracted. I always understand how you feel, and you always have my full attention. Though I am sweet and loving, there are times where my babies are looking for me to make fun of them so that they can be sexually turned on. I am fine with having all types of sexy fun with my babies as long as it is done from the core of love and compassion. If we talk for several minutes or a few hours, my passion for taking care of sweet babies will never change. I am naturally a nurturer, and taking care of babies will always be my number one priority.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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May 28, 2024
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