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Hello Sweetheart, I am Mommy Karen, and I am a passionate, adventurous, kinky, and sexy cougar, and you are my little cub. I will make sure that I change you out of your dirty diaper and take you directly into the baby bath. I will wash your baby parts gently and make sure that your little duckie joins you when you have bath time. I will make sure that you are all fresh and clean, then I will wrap you up into a soft towel and take you directly into my bedroom. I will place you gently on my bed and gather the necessary items to use on you so I can diaper you. But, before I do that, I will glide my blonde hair against your thighs so that it will drive you nuts. I know that you want me to slide it over your cock and your balls as well, but it is more fun to tease you. I want to watch you squirm as you yearn for me to do more than glide my hair between your legs.

I know that you want me to touch you there and feel how your balls feel inside of the palm of my hand. I will kiss them as I massage them and watch them twitch, bunch up, and get tight! And don't worry about your baby cock being left out of all the fun. After I caress and suck your squishy balls – it will be your yummy cock that will be next to be pampered. I will hold your wormy cock with both of my hands and kiss the tip of it by the pee-pee hole. Every single time I kiss the spot at the top of your dick, I love that a bit of puddle of pre-cum forms. Consuming you is one of my favorite things to do, especially when you have just finished having bathtime. I love to swallow every puddle of you down, and I also enjoy the aftertaste of your cum. Don't feel timid about employing your hands to seize my supple tits as you feel them rubbing up against your thighs as I engulf your sinewy cock. Reach over and clutch a handful of my mammary orbs. Don't they feel so soft, silky, and smooth? Wouldn't you like a taste of them? Go ahead and lick my titties and swallow.

I am the perfect cougar mommy because I know what makes you happy. I love to nurture you and make you feel special by diapering you after bathed you and having naughty mommy/son time with you. Aren't you the most fortunate little boy in the world to have me as a mommy? I know that you want our fun to continue, so that I will do. I will give you the most mind-blowing diaper change that you will drift off into pleasure when I am done. You deserve a happy ending, and as your cougar mommy, I will make sure that you have one.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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September 25, 2023
Brandon Gets Spanked in Front of Everyone!
Brandon woke up super excited since he was having a party with other abdl’s just like him, a little meet-up later that day! Brandon had all his toys waiting in his toy boxes in his nursery, and he couldn’t wait for his friends to arrive. He waddled quickly behind Aunt Brenda when she started letting everyone in as they came one after the other, and while Brandon showed his friends his things, Brenda and her friends sat in the dining room having tea. Brandon already knew some of the other babies from previous meet-ups and quickly befriended the ones he didn’t know by sharing his toys. However, Robert was also there, and even though they mostly ignored each other, Robert, after some time, started approaching Brandon to play with the toys he had. Brandon never […]
August 27, 2023
End Of Summer Fun
Last weekend of the summer before September starts.  Soon it will be back to school time and no more summer fun for the year.  So we are going to have one last blast.  A party where everything goes, nothing is off limits.  Do anything and everything you want one last time. That means you can dress in any outfit, wear any type of costume or choose to wear nothing at all.  Some will be in bathing suits, some dressed as little babies in just a diaper and everyone will be living in the moment.  And no one will judge you for your choices. Everyone is going to be having the time of their life.  It will be a wild weekend of wetness.  Either wet from water games, the pool or a peepee diaper.  And lots […]