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A Different Kind Of Punishment For Naughty Aby’s Part 2
February 20, 2019
The mother Spanks and Put Diaper On the Niece as Punishment
Naughty Abdl’s Get Spankings
February 21, 2019
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Mommy loves a stinky butt

Smelly phone sex 1

One of my weirdest fantasies is to have my lover fart around me. When I first met him we were both nervous. We agreed to a first date and decided to meet at a fancy Italian restaurant. I think the butterflies turned into nerves and we consumed copious amounts of fettuccine alfredo, ravioli and rigatoni. We, also, had gin martinis before dinner and then shared a bottle of white wine before we transitioned to a bottle of red wine. Needless to say our stomachs were beginning to bubble and gassy emissions started to fly. I, being the lady that I am, tried to keep all of my farts inside, which led to terrible stomach cramps. My date, whom would later become my boyfriend, didn’t have as much discipline. He started with a slow, silent fart. It smelled like a stinky aroma in the room. But, as each course came to the table and with each glass of wine he drank, the gas became smellier and louder. In fact, it got so loud that I could hear his bowels move through his gut. The table next to us thought it was gross, but I was strangely turned on. All I could think about was getting him cleaned up and putting him in a fresh, clean diaper.



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