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I am Madelyn, and I am the sweet and loving mommy that you have always wanted. I was never able to have babies, which made me very sad until I discovered the ABDL community and found out that I can have many babies. Then I became happy, and I realized how fortunate I am, and I give my adult baby diaper lovers all the hugs, kisses, cuddles, and lullabies possible. I may not have any milk in my breasts, but that does not matter because just having my babies suck on my breasts when they want to be comforted makes them so happy, and me as well. I can never have too many babies, and I would love for you to be my baby. I will make sure that I give you everything that you need. You will never have to worry about going to bed hungry because I will feed you. I will provide you with a bottle to drink, and I will also feed you your fruits and veggies with delicious homemade pureed and mushy food.

You will love to have me feed you, whether in my lap or your high chair. I will make sure that I decorate your little peas and carrots on your baby plate with little smiley faces to make you smile. And when you make a mess, I won’t be mad at you because it is not your fault; you are a baby, and accidents are not your fault. I will clean up your messy face, little high chair table, and little bib; I will handwash after every meal. I also look forward to cleaning you up when you make a big poop or a huge pee in your diapers. I won’t make fun of you when you make a stinky, and I will get you cleaned up as quick as possible. I always check your diaper several times a day to ensure that you are not sitting in your shitty and poopy mess all day. I would be sad if you got a diaper rash because it will hurt your little private parts and make you cry. So, don’t worry, my little sweetheart, I will take such fantastic care of you.

I will be there at night with you in your nursery, so if you have a scary nightmare, I will give you my breasts to play with and suck. I will rub your tiny penis by sticking my hand inside of your diaper and caress you until I get you hard enough for me to suck you off. I will make sure that I put both of your balls in my mouth as well as watch your little penis twitch on my nose. Then I will kiss your penis and put it between my breasts so you can get titty fuck mommy before you go back to bed. My soft hands, pretty face, perfect tits, sweet voice, and fantastic pussy will provide you with the love and comfort that you need.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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September 21, 2023
Brandon Gets Caught Being Naughty In His Crib!
A little over an hour had passed since Brenda laid Brandon down for his nap, so she decided to get him up; she certainly didn’t want him to have any problems going to sleep that night! Brenda padded quietly to his room, expecting to find him asleep, but he was already up and being a bit naughty. Brenda caught him rubbing his diaper on the mattress, trying to make sticky cummies! Brenda walked in on him, and when Brandon noticed, he couldn’t hide how scared he was. Brenda had a stern expression; she was upset with him, but even worse, she was disappointed. After a long sigh, Brenda started fussing at him for doing something he shouldn’t be, especially when she had already warned him. After thinking for a moment, Brenda decided he had to […]
September 17, 2023
Silly Little Sissy
  This is the confessions of a pathetic little peepee boy, who has realized that they are nothing more than a diapered sissy and that they belong in diapers and dresses.  They do not have a peepee but a clitty.  They are not a man in anyway way what-so-ever.  And now SHE belongs to me! Still in Pampers Hello everyone! My name is Pampers Huggies, I’m a 36 year-old Virgin who still wears diapers 24/7. I have a tiny, less than 3-inch, baby penis, that has been in diapers for so long, it doesn’t even get stiff anymore. I made myself limpotent and I can NOT function sexually as a man. I have never been in a physical sexual encounter. Instead, I need humiliation and the constant threat of being exposed to make me excited […]