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How are my precious ABDL babies? I am sweet Mommy Barb, and I am here to coddle you between my warm and huge breasts and make you feel right at home between my massive bosom. You can close your eyes if you want and fall asleep on them. I relish in roleplay of all kinds, but only those that include the nurturing side of the Adult Baby Diaper Lover lifestyle. I will never spank you because that is not my style. But if you are naughty, I will tease you by putting my breasts in front of your face, and you will not be able to touch and play with them. I am a welcoming and adoring Mommy to all my babies. I have the boobies that all babies want and need. Feel warm and secure as I hold you to my breasts and cuddle you while I tell you what a wonderful baby you are. As an adult baby diaper lover mommy, I know how to pamper and make you feel loved. If you want to be comforted, I will place your face upon my colossal breasts. If you are hungry and want your belly to be filled with warm breast milk, I will shove my huge tits in your face so you can open your mouth and latch on to my nipples and suck all your problems away. My breastmilk is warm, creamy, nutritious, and delicious. I am the mommy that accepts and understands you. My vast breasts are soft pillows for your pleasure, my sweet and endearing babies. They are fun bags of comfort and joy. Lay on them and fall asleep. Two warm and squishy pillows are better than one. If you soil your pamper and get it all leaky and wet, I will be supportive and will not scold you. Why would I reprimand someone so precious, tiny, and sweet?

When you are with me, you will never need to use a pacifier, as it is useless and cannot compare to my enormous tits. All that you need I will provide and your world resolves around my mammoth mammary glands. Sometimes my ABDL babies like to get smothered by putting their tiny privates between my immense tits so they could be sandwiched in. The fantasy of being smothered by my tits is what a lot of my babies think about. My limitless tits make my babies feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy. I love roleplaying with my precious ABDL babies. As their hot MILF, there are so many sexual fantasies that we play that involve titty worship. I like to play their erotic Mommy that walks around the house in a tiny bra and a short mini shirt, and I do chores around the house. At some point in this fantasy, my tiny bra pops, and my hugs tits spill out in front of my son. He will be frozen, staring at my tits, and I would walk over to him and pick them up and drop them both on his face. His face would then be buried under my massive mounds, and he would only try to get out of there temporarily to collect a few pockets of air. Then I would ask my baby if he wanted to drink some warm milk, and that is when a rain shower of warm breast milk from my tits would be squeezed all over his face. He would tilt his head back and try to collect as much milk as he could but would try not to choke on the large volume of tits that would pour out of my mouth. My boobies have milk for eternity, so this is a well that will never run out. Babies need milk to survive, and when the milk comes from me, it is precious liquid gold. My satisfying milk is to be consumed in totality and must never be wasted. Every single drop of my gratifying milk must be swallowed. My pleasurable milk is the true definition of what is referred to as comfort food.

I even have a few babies that do not stay with me at my house, but they must go home to their families. It saddens them to leave me to cure their sadness; they would ask me for a special request. The special request that they would ask of me would to squeeze a few gallons of breastmilk to take with them to help them get through their week. So, I would set up and plug in my breast pump, and then I would fill up lots of bottles for them to take with them along their way to drink. One of my babies is a top chef, and he is known all around the world. He creates such amazing dishes that he is at the top of the class in his field. When he can prepare meals for himself, he would not want it any other way if my milk was not the main part of his personal meals. He is one of the recipients of my breastmilk gallon jugs. He loves to make an array of culinary dishes for himself to indulge in with my breast milk as the main ingredient. He would send me a range of selfies all day preparing fancy meals with my breast milk being added and then other selfies of him eating the meals that he just cooked that contains my sweet mommy milk. He always worships my breasts and says to me the most flattering and charming things. He always tells me that my breastmilk tastes like sweet honey. As a matter of fact, if a recipe that he is preparing has honey as the ingredient that he needs and there is no honey available, he uses my breast milk as the substitute for honey. My breasts are powerful because they are big and beautiful, and they provide comfort and nourishment for my babies. I will always be here to soothe my babies will my full, ample, and healthy breasts.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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February 19, 2024
Diaper Changes For All The Abdl’s!
  As the mommies sat in a circle with their adult babies sitting with them, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for what was about to happen. Brenda laid her baby down and began to undress him, making slow movements so that everyone could see what she was doing. She looked down at John with a sweetly condescending smile as she untaped his diaper. “How does it feel to get changed in front of everyone, sweetie?” She continued with her purposefully slow movements… “Look at my little baby, all messy and stinky,” she teased, causing her abdl John to blush even deeper. She then sprinkled baby powder all over his bottom and between his legs, making sure to rub it in thoroughly. The babies whimpered and tried to cover themselves, […]
February 15, 2024
Brenda Lactates For Her Baby!
Brenda lay in bed, her blouse and bra discarded on the floor. She had been taking the medication for weeks now, hoping to induce lactation for John, her adult baby love, and finally, it seemed to be working! John’s eyes lit up with excitement as he saw tiny droplets of milk forming at Brenda’s nipples. “It’s happening!” he exclaimed, crawling over to her. She gasped as John gently cupped one breast and took her nipple in his mouth. The warm sensation sent bumps through her body. “Does it feel good, baby?” she asked, her voice soothed. Her baby moved his head in response, his mouth still attached to her breast. He could feel the warm liquid trickling into his mouth, driving him wild with pleasure. Brenda moaned, feeling a deep connection with her love as […]