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I am Dianna, and I am an experience dominant mommy in the adult baby diaper lover (ABDL) community. This is a community that I mesh well with and have been involved in for a long time. I am extremely strict, rigorous, and firm. If you are looking for a nurturing mommy this is not who I am. I was born a natural dominant and play for my own gratification. I do have a list specialties that runs the gamut, and they include: spankings, sissification, dress-up roleplay, strap-on play, obedience training, orgasm denial, diaper training, toilet training denial, penis humiliation and abdl training. Naughty adult baby diaper lovers are aware that they will suffer the consequences for their unacceptable behavior when they come to me. When I choose to discipline naughty abdl babies with spankings, I delight when I instruct them to bend over and spank their own buttocks and have each spank be harder than the next. Knowing that they are using their own hands to administer harsh spankings under my direction and then for them to see the damage that has been done afterwards via red and swollen buttocks is such a delight. The beauty of spankings is that it is a punishment that keeps on giving, because abdls feel the aftereffects of the lashes for a length of time. When it is time for them to sit or even to shower, the pain and swelling is evident, and it serves as a reminder of the spankings.

This therefore makes the punishment not only physical but also psychological as well. Before abdls submit their bodies for to me to do as I please, they will first have to submit their minds to me. Submissives must be able to trust me and know that giving up control to me is required for any role play that I choose to play to work. Surrendering secrets to me that are deeply embedded that no one else has ever been told is another method of further building on the foundation of trust. I need to know every single part of my submissives, and this includes, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is important that abdls be trained in the proper technique of servitude and that comes with obedience training. When I converse with my abdls on whatever subject I choose to divulge in – I will not be interrupted. I do not condone anyone jumping in front of the line in a conversation with me. Respect is something that is earned for most and in my case, it is expected to be given to me immediately. Regarding toilet training denial, I enjoy having my abdl babies hold their waste in and ask my permission before they soil themselves. Something as natural and basic as using the bathroom - for most people comes with “free will” which means that they are able to utilize it whenever they want. In toilet training denial – no one gets to release any waste until I give them the green light to do so. My adult baby diaper lovers who are naughty must wait while their full bladders start to cramp up and make them feel uncomfortable and their hearts race and sweat pours down from their faces. Following instructions that are given to my abdls are important and if my instructions are ignored then it is common knowledge that harsh discipline will be administered. There are no do-overs or second chances with me as I expect from my submissives to always approach me with reverence.

Not every single abdl was blessed with colossal packages. For those abdls with small and pathetic penises it is my pleasure to humiliate them and make them feel much smaller than they already are. They already know that they are not good enough to ever please a woman because they do not measure up. They just do not have what it takes to be real men and the best part about it is that they are fully aware of that. When they are that minute, it makes sense to remain in diapers for the rest of their lives as they are way too tiny to dress in big boy pants. Big penises are for big boys and small penises are for abdl baby penises. They know exactly where they fall into on the scale and it not at the winners table. Accepting the fact that no matter what is done, this is the size that will always remain until the end of time is usually a harsh reality for some. While others are aroused when their lack of manhood is the subject of great teasing and humiliation. Often my abdl submissives who have been dealt a hard hand at the genital table often make for wonderful sissies as well. Accepting their feminine side and exploring the various ways of dressing up in role play sessions often lead to a mutually rewarding time for both of us. Some abdls need to be forced into feminization because they are just to afraid to take the journey on their own as a sissy. This hidden fetish is something that many cannot hide from me as I can usually detect it quite quickly. The beauty of playing over the phone is there is a great degree of confidentiality and anonymity that cannot happen if an abdl and a mommy were to play in person. And knowing that a mommy is simply just a dial tone away, gives many abdl and submissives alike a sense of security when they play. The abdl lifestyle is more than just a fetish, it is a way of life. When I age regress my submissives it does provide a healing aspect as well that is often misunderstood by many. Letting one’s guard down with me is a great way to get off on the right foot and do an introduction the right way with no pretenses. If my abdl is ready to play as I am then the utmost transparency is ideal for us to have a great session.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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May 28, 2024
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