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Best of Both Worlds
March 6, 2016
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Nanny Ella’s Nursery Tales: Pammy’s Playmate, Part 7
March 14, 2016

I love taking care of my babies and I know you shouldn’t have favorites but I do have some favorite babies. I get so excited when they call me and want me to take care of them.

One of my favorites is Cam who is the typical baby who makes mistakes but understands when I have to punish him with spankings. My other favorite baby is Baby Alyssa. I like taking care of her in the abdl-nursery when her mommy is away. She has a very smart mouth for a baby but fun to take care of. There’s baby Katie who is a very naughty baby and likes to anally please herself. There’s also baby Mikey who does what he is told and only drinks formula and likes to make Mommy happy by doing anything. Baby Bobby likes to grab mommy’s boobies. He thinks he’s a big boy with a big cock but his abdl-mommy has to teach him how to use it. Stop by the nursery and come meet all these wonderful babies.




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