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I am Nanny Norma, a cruel and dominant nanny, and you are here for my entertainment. If you are looking to be pleased – think again; I will tease you. I love to make you do the silliest of things to make sure that I embarrass you so I could have a good laugh at your expense. If you think that you are going to wet our bed in secret and no one will know about it, think again. I will wait for your mom and dad to leave the house, and when we are alone, that is when you will find out how you are going to be punished. I will take you out of your bed, which you have pissed all over, and I won’t be changing you right away. I am taking you outside now for all to see you. And as your droopy and soggy diaper hangs off of your bottom, all of the neighbors will point and laugh at you. You will stand there with a moronic grin on your face as you are being laughed at and humiliated.

I will even make you hold up a little sign that says, “Look at me, I pissed the bed.” I will watch you squirm in utter embarrassment, and there will be nothing that will be done about it to stop your humiliation. I will sit there in a folded chair next to you while you stand in shame, holding the homemade sign to see everyone that passes by as they point and stare. And the funny part about all of this is because you are so humiliated, ashamed, and terrified – you will end up pissing yourself again on top of your already pissy diaper. How silly and pathetic you will look and smell. And when your already full and soiled diaper can hold no more, and it falls to your knees, don’t expect me to help you. I will command you to keep holding on to your sign and not pull up your fallen diaper. I want everyone to see how small, wrinkly, minute, and tiny your minute, irrelevant and useless baby pee-pee looks. I want them to point at it and laugh at it. I want them to take photos on their cell phones as they pass by to refer to it every time they see you walking around in the neighborhood. They will know what your little micro-penis looks like.

Your degrading and horrific humiliation will continue for a lifetime, and it won’t end after today. You will go to bed with nightmares about this moment, and the best part of this is that your trusting parents won’t be aware that this is what I have done to you. I have reduced you to this pathetic, little runt that I will take advantage of as much as I want, and they will never figure it out. I will continue to humiliate and dominate you for years to come, and when I feel like it, I will lock up your miniature and useless genitals in a cage when I diaper you because you are not allowed to cum!

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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May 17, 2024
Keith Has to Go Shopping For Diapers!
Keith sat on the edge of the bed, his face flushed with embarrassment as he glanced down at the wet patch on his pants. It had happened again, despite his best efforts to control it. He sighed heavily, feeling utterly defeated… His wife, Sara, entered the room, her expression a mix of concern and frustration. “Keith, not again..” she said, her voice tinged with exasperation. Keith hung his head, unable to meet her gaze. “I’m sorry, Sara. I can’t help it.” She sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. “We’ve been through this before, sweetie. It’s time we do something about it.” He felt a wave of dread wash over him. He knew what his wife was implying, and he dreaded the thought of it. “You can’t be serious,” he said in a whisper-like voice. […]
May 16, 2024
Johnny Works Out In His Diapers!
Johnny fidgeted in the back seat as his Aunt Brenda drove him to the gym, a sense of dread knotting in his stomach. She had given him strict instructions before they left the house, instructions that made his cheeks burn with embarrassment. “Come on, do I have to wear this?” Johnny pleaded, poking at the diaper she had put him in before they left the house. But Aunt Brenda just shot him a look, one that meant business. She always gave him the same look when he was on the brink of trouble. She dressed him in shorts that covered his diaper but were snug enough to make him acutely aware of its presence; every crinkle and bulge felt like a neon sign announcing his embarrassment to the world… “You know the rules, Johnny,” she […]