Forced Babying for My Boyfriend
June 28, 2007
July 7, 2007
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Naughty, Naughty

*wink wink* Hi to all my lil lovies out there in baby land. I had a wonderful fourth of july. You guys havn’t seen me for a couple of days cause I was spending time with my fam. But now I’m ready to get down to some dirty buisness *heehee*. Only the good kind you know. For those of you that might me new and reading about us for the first time let me tell you, here at PhoneaMommy, we lots of fun! I am ever so happy that I met Mommy Maddy and the rest of the girls here. There is a mommy, granny or sitter to fill whatever need or fantasy you might have. Such a variety! We even have diaper girls. And my specialty you ask? Well, I am a spoiler, and I just love powder room time with my special lil ones. I am also a diaper lover my self. I have been into wearing for several years now and I like to switch things up and be diapered sometimes too. But if I have a naughty lil one, I am not above giving a good spanking if needed. With a loving hand of couse, and maybe a good lecture about what they’ve done wrong. If this gets your diaper all hot, well then what are you waiting for! Give Mommy Josie a call. If not check out the other ladies. You will find what you are looking for here at PhoneaMommy!

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