ABDL Pee Pee

Have you ever wondered what a ABDL Pee Pee is? It's when a Adult baby Diaper Lover urinates in their clothes, diaper, pants, bed pad, or bed. They can choose to pee pee anyplace they want it depends on how they are feeling. They will drink extra bottles and fluids just to make more come out.

Most ABDL's love the feeling of the pee pee up against their skin or soaking and filling up their diapers or pants. They like to sit in it all day or days and especially sleep in it at night. They have a option of disposables, cloth, or rubber pants.

When you wear disposables a way to keep the urine from not coming out is putting the rubber right over the disposable diaper. Here at PhoneAmommy.com we specialize in ABDL's! You have a variety of Mommies, Grannies, Daddies, Sitters, Nannies and so many more to choose from. We have no Taboo's and love to reveal all of our secrets over the phone. Call toll free now 888-430-2010

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