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May 7, 2007
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June 11, 2007
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Possible ABDL Spotting

Yesterday, I went to a store with a neighbor. She is elderly and cannot go herself. So I do my good deed and take her once a month to stock up on things that she needs. While at the store, I noticed a man, about 25ish in the adult diaper section grabbing a pack of diapers. As he turned around he blushed like you cannot imagine. I just smiled at him, and he smiled back and blushed some more lol. I didn’t say anything to him because what exactly do you say? “Hi, I’m Stacie and I was wondering if those diapers are for you?” Also, because my neighbor was with me.

It’s funny you know? Ever since I adopted this fetish I find myself looking at people to see if they might have a little extra bulk to their attire. You would be amazed at how many people do lol. Then I wonder if they are into the fetish of wearing diapers, or if they are just wearing them because of a medical problem, or perhaps their hiney is swollen for some reason. I always want to go up and pat their behind lol. I don’t though, I don’t want “Lewd molestation in a public place” on my record. And I know how hard it is for some into the ABDL fetish to even buy diapers in public. So I wouldn’t want to embarrass someone I don’t know (just those I do, kidding).

So, if the guy from the store happens to read this (it is a small world after all), if you see me in there again while you are buying diapers, come over and say hello. I’ll pat you on the bottom and let you know it’s alright to buy them 🙂 .


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