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I am pregnant and lactating, Mommy Melanie and I always have a wet and sticky cum-filled cunt. Though I am pregnant - don't confuse me for being so loving and kind; I am quite the opposite. Don't confuse my smile with weakness because of what I am about to do to you. I love playing with useless sissy diaper whores. There is nothing better. I own you; you are no longer a man when you talk to me – you are my little sissy slut. I will make sure that I force you to tell me all of your secrets, and I will put red lipstick all over your lips and dress you up like the sissy you are with a pink collar and a pink leash and walk you around the house.

I will give you a douche so that I will insert it inside of your man-gina, and I will release the water up inside of you, and I will make you hold it until you start shaking, and you will have no choice but to shit your thick diaper over your diaper pants. I will make you do the dirty diaper dance and keep on your shitty-filled-up diaper all day long. The diaper's color will turn brown, and you will know that you made a mess because I will pat that bulge and make sure that it moves around and reaches your clitty with shit. You will be my little shitty slut. I will make sure that I video you and take photos of you after taking your manhood away. I will destroy you – you will have no more pride left after I am done with you. I am a superior woman, and you are a little sissy shore that will have to do whatever I say. You will have to do your sissy hypnosis every day to remind yourself that you are a sissy. I know exactly who you are. I will completely break you. Get on your knees so I can rest my swollen and tired feet on your back. I will tease you by playing with my swollen, lactating tits that I won't allow you to touch or suck. You deserve to be teased and tortured by a perfect pregnant specimen, and that is what I will do.

And now, turn around and eat my cum-filled pregnant cunt. I will use your tongue for me to cum multiple times in your mouth. Drink all of me up, and you better not make any droplets of my sweet and savory pregnant cunt juices fall to the floor, or else you will have to lap it all up. I will tug on your collar, whip you with my hands, and then ram a tampon up your asshole afterward. The tampon will remain in you while I tease the shit out of you, and you will have to suck my puffy and pregnant nipples so I can cum some more. You are a poor and useless little fuck, and you won't be allowed to fuck my pregnant cunt. Your tiny sissy dick is too small to fill up my expecting cunt. I will use you as my sissy maid, and you will have to understand that this is your destiny in life. You belong to me, and I will be entertained and pleased by you whenever I want.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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August 27, 2023
End Of Summer Fun
Last weekend of the summer before September starts.  Soon it will be back to school time and no more summer fun for the year.  So we are going to have one last blast.  A party where everything goes, nothing is off limits.  Do anything and everything you want one last time. That means you can dress in any outfit, wear any type of costume or choose to wear nothing at all.  Some will be in bathing suits, some dressed as little babies in just a diaper and everyone will be living in the moment.  And no one will judge you for your choices. Everyone is going to be having the time of their life.  It will be a wild weekend of wetness.  Either wet from water games, the pool or a peepee diaper.  And lots […]
August 24, 2023
Jeffrey Goes To Abdl Daycare!
  Early Friday morning, Brenda took her adult baby, Jeffrey, to daycare and went to work after telling him to be good and behave himself. Jeffrey was still getting used to daycare since it was only his second week, and most days, he whined in the morning because he didn’t want to go. This morning, once he saw Josie, the teacher in charge of his classroom, he smiled and waddled to her after kissing Mommy goodbye. Miss Josie told him good morning with a bright smile, a kiss on the cheek, and a pat on the bottom, then gently directed him toward the other babies. Jeffrey got down to his hands and knees to crawl over to some of his new friends. Some babies were sitting on the floor playing with some toys, others coloring […]