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July 28, 2007
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July 30, 2007
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Sissy Sara’s First Pageant Win

Oh you should of seen her.  She looked lovely!  When we walked into the pageant it’s self, there were all these other contestants and you could tell they were soooooooooooo very jealous of my pretty little sissy walking next to me.  She had the most beautiful dress on, little socks, gloves and specially made mary janes!  Then as we waited for her turn to go onto the stage..I cannot tell you how fast my heart was pumping with excitement.  Sara walked out onto that stage, and that spot light shone on her like she was a gilded angel.  Everyone in the audience just gasp and clapped.  Sara had the biggest smile on her face, she looked so lovely.  For the Talent Competition her and I sang a song..The Barney song, she did so well.  Everyone was cheering for her.  And guess who won? My very own little sara that’s who.  The sissy that won last year came out and put a beautiful tiara on Sara’s head, and handed her some flowers!  Sara and I celebrated back stage in a different manner *wink*.  Thank you so much for calling me today you sweet little thing you, and congratulations on winning! *big big hug*

Luv ya,

Mommy Liz

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