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August 23, 2020
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August 30, 2020
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Smelly, Saggy ABDL Diapers

A boy wearing the dirty wet diaper with standing

Listen up you naughty ABDLs! I am a loving a typically patient mommy, but you all are getting so bad about not letting mommy know when you need a diaper change, if I am running around taking care of things around the house. Now, I pride myself on how much attention that I pay to my little ones, and I have a pretty good sense for smelling those full diapers, but sometimes when I am doing laundry while my adult baby is playing in the nursery and they make a big poopy mess, it may be a few minutes before mommy comes by again. When I see my little ones waddling around the nursery like nothing is the matter, and I catch sight of how full that adult baby diaper is swinging between their legs, I scoop them up and give them a stern lecture! You need to let you mommy know so that I can get my hands on that cute little bottom for a nice sweet bath and a fresh and clean diaper for my baby! Don’t run away and hide your smelly diapers from mommy, or you will be in big trouble! Trust me!
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