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Forced Into Diapers By Stepmom Tawny
November 29, 2020
My Diaper Stash
November 30, 2020

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Bobby sniffled, willing the tears covering his face to stop, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen.  His Aunt Brenda had him spread out on the coffee table, his arms and legs tied down while he lay face down with his bottom up and exposed to anyone that wanted to come over and use whatever item laying on the table next to him to spank him that they pleased. They had found out that he was the one stealing all the pretty panties off of everyone’s clotheslines! Aunt Brenda had found out anyway, catching him while he was trying to sneak a new ill-gotten pair into the house. One of the ladies had come back earlier than he expected, and in his rush to snatch a pair off the clothesline he hadn’t tucked the red silk panties all the way inside his back packet. That tiny bit of silk sticking out was so obvious that he might as well have pulled it out and waved it underneath Aunt Brenda’s nose!  It didn’t take long for her to nag the truth of his panty kink out of him, and for her to start calling around to see who was noticing their panties missing. He’d taken more than he realized! So, it was decided a little public humiliation might be in order.  Semipublic, anyway, in his aunt’s living room. All the neighborhood ladies came over for the little get together to punish him and go through his panty collection to find what panties of theirs they could find in the pile.  He was receiving ten paddle spankings for every pair of panties found by their owner, and any extra that someone might want to give him.  The very pretty neighbor right next-door Mrs. Tracy had discovered seven of her panties in the bunch (they were all so lacy, he couldn’t help himself!) and was talking about saving all seventy of her swats to give him right before the party would be over. His cock twitched underneath him at the thought of that gorgeous woman giving him some spanking discipline!

When she finally decided to take her turn, it was wonderful and horrible all at the same time. Bobby pressed his forehead against the table underneath him, a weak sob tearing out of him as another smack came down on his ass. The crop left a lick of flame underneath his skin, spreading out into the sharp burn that covered him from one cheek to the other.  The pain shot out to his limbs, right down his cock, and another pulse of precum was practically forced out to smear across his stomach and puddle on the coffee table. He couldn’t remember what number of strokes she was on, and he couldn’t decide if he wanted her to be almost done or not.  As soon as she was done, they would let him up to toddle to the door to let them out, and there was no way he was going to be to hide how turned on his spanking punishment made him.  Being so submissive to these dominant women made him cum once already and he was close to having his second one. Would you love to be in Bobby’s shoes? You should call me for female domination phone sex and tell me everything!

Aunt Brenda


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