Be Good for Nanny, Or Else!
June 11, 2007
diaper forced
June 24, 2007
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strict nanny for a diaper sissy

   I talked to sissy Heather today. She has come a long way since our first talk. Heather was scared to go and buy panties, diapers, and the things she longed to have. Today she was dressed in a thick layer of cloth diapers and pretty pink plastic panties. She told her strict nanny what she had on and I just smiled. I told her that her next adventure would be getting a baby doll gown or a party dress.

     I love being this sissy girl’s nanny. It has been a pleasure seeing her come out of her shell a bit and do more of what she thought about for years. Some of the sissies I talk to need rough, course instruction. I can do that also. Some of them though need gently coaxing and understanding. I guess that is true of most of the abies I talk with. I just wanted Sissy Heather to know that I love having her as my diaper sissy and I look forward to moving on in our playtimes.


Mommy Scarlet

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