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January 12, 2019
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Abdl Mommy Cuddle Time
January 14, 2019
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Sucking on Mommy’s Breast

Beautiful lactating girl with breasts full of milk

When you do nod off into dreamland tonight, I want you to do so while you are facing me laying down in our bed.  I want to have my cheek resting on top of your head while you suckle on my nipples while you get a warm tummy full of mommy’s milk.  Both of your hands should be pressed against my breasts so that you can knead just like a baby should and glide your hands across my soft skin.  You will get sleepier and sleepier while I hum softly, one arm draped over you while I run my fingers through your hair with the other hand.  I can’t think of too many ways that a sweet abdl can fall asleep that are much better than doing it in your abdl mommy’s arms! Call me for some abdl phonesex so that you can tell all the ways you’d like me to take care of you.

Midget Mimi


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