Toilet Play Fetish

First, what is Toilet Play Fetish? Here are some examples of Toilet fetish.
golden showers: urinating on someone
enemas: putting water or a liquid solution in the anus and bowels, resulting in a "cleansing" of the colon and solid waste removal
enema torture: giving someone an enema and making them hold their bowel movement until they go crazy
forced holding: making someone hold it to show your control over them
diapers: having someone wear a diaper and/or dirty the diaper in public or during sex play
scat: any sort of play with poop--pooping on someone, pooping during sex, etc.
water-sports: any play that involves urination
human toilet: using a submissive or slave as your toilet; i.e. they drink your urine/eat your feces, or you use your tongue as toilet paper.

Enemas can be very fun and safe, especially if you're using sterile water or a medically approved enema solution. You can have fun by yourself or with someone but just make sure to pull out the blankets or plastic because its about to be a dirty fun night!

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